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Specialty Products

Regular Products
    100% Polyester, 100% Viscose, I 00% Acrylic, Poly /Vls Blends, Poly /Acrylic Blends,Acrylic (Vis Blends, Low Pill Polyester,Trilobal / Poly & Blends, Poly / Cotton Yarn, Z I ZTwist CrepeYarn, Carpet Pile Yarns - Acrylic &Viscose, Linen Blends with Poly &Viscose,Wool Blends with Poly &Viscose, Flame Retardant (CS 270)
Innovative & Functional Yarns

Fibre Dyed Functional Yarn Ring Spun FancyYarn Doubling / FancyYarn CarpetYarn
Bamboo 100% & Bamboo & Charcoal Bamboo blended with Polyester, Cotton,Wool, Silk , Nylon, Linen etc Slub Yarn Buckle Yarn Hand knotted,Tuffted, M/C. made : Blends — 100% Viscose,Viscose/Wool, Viscose/Linen, Bamboo , Bamboo Linen etc both R.W. & Fibre Dyed
Modal blends with Cotton, Poly, Silk, Nylon Multi coloured Injection Slub Taspa Yarn
ER.Yarn : Polyester & Mod Acrylic Space Dyeing effect yarn Injection Slub IndustrialYarn
Soyabean blended with Viscose, Polyester,Wool etc Cationic, Blended piece dyed effect yarn Dot Yarn 100% Poly Dyed Multifold for Hose pipe
Polyamide 6 & 6 6 blended with Viscose, Acrylic, Poly, Cotton etc Neppy Yarn Loop Yarn Sweter/ Flat Knits : Polyester,Acrylic,Viscose, Wool Blended Yarn in wide colour range. Count Range : Ne 8 w 16s & 20/2, & 30/2 and es required by customer
Tencel 100% I00%Viscose, Poly/Viscose, 100% Poly, PC etc Pin Slub
Tencel blended with Poly, Wool, Silk, Linen, Cotton etc Mouline Yarn Normal Dblg yarn 2 Ply PVT & more Grindle with Poly & Nylon Filament, Cotton Normal & SlubYarn
Tri blend — JerseyYarn : Poly/Cotton/Viscose, Poly/Bamboo/Linen, PN/Nylon, etc Poly/Viscose, Poly/Acrylic, PC etc Lycra/ uitcrsa/Sipna;dex twisted yarn for Self stretch yarn :In different blends Like : Poly/Vis, Poly/Cotton, Poly/Linen etc
Linen blend & Linen look yarn for Home Textile — Poly/Linen, PN/Linen, Bamboo/Linen, Poly 100% Linen look Thick &Thin Yarn (Self Slub) Soft roving spun yarn for Pullover Sewing Thread Yarn : Polyester 100%
Anti Microbial,Anti Odur & Moisture Management EH twsit yarn : (Ring State Double Yar Piece Dyed Yarns :In different blends for multi & cross effect
Wool blended yarn for Tweeds , Shawl , Lohi's in different varieties MelangeYarn :In different blends : Poly/Cotton, Poly/Vis, CottonNis, I00%Vis , 100% Poly, AcrylicNis &Acrylic/Cotton
Yarn For Work Wear Fabric Dyed : Meta Aramid,Anti Static
Apart from above mentioned variet'es we are always interested to manufacture any special product as per enquiry/feedback/ideas received from customers for any type of end usage
Product Information
Count Range a) Regular yarns                   Ne 8s - 40s Additional Information
a) Speciality yarns                Ne 6s - 60s • Waxed / Unwaxed Yarn. as per customers' requirement
Package Weight - As per customers' requirement

• Double Yarn spliced in TFO

Package Type - • In regular paper cone having conacity 3'30', 4'20%5'57'

• High TP1 / Xorella ConditionedYarn

-• In soft packages, parallel wound for package dyeing
- • In perforated plastic cone for package dyeing
- • Packaging - Carton / Pallet