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Products Range

Regular Produc. — Ring Spun, Rotor Spun &Vortex Spun
    100% Normal Polyester; 100% SHT Polyester. Optical White Polyester, Micro Polyester, High Bulk Polyester;Trilobal Polyester & Blends, Cationic Polyester & Blends, 100%Viscose, Polyester/Viscose, PolyesterNiscose ,100% Cotton, Cotton/Linen, Polyester/Lincn,Viscosc/Linen, Polyester/Cotton,Viscose/Cotton, Acrylic 100%, Acrylic/Cotton, Polyester/Acrylic,AcrylicNiscose, PolyesterNiscosefTexturised, Industrial Yam (Carpet Yarn, Sewing thread).
Innovative & Functional Yarns

NATURAL AND GREEN Yarn products: Recycled PSF, Recycled Cotton, Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Cupro, Linen, Silk,Wool, Corn (PLA), Banana & Blend.
End Applicadon: Apparel, Bedding,Towels, Underwear, Innerwear,T-shirts, Ma. and Stockings.
STRETCH: Yarn Products: Stretch, Flexi Core Spun, Elastane Core Spun, Polyamide and Viscoflex.
End Application: Casualwea, Innerwea, Knitwear, Bedsheet, Socks, Sportswea, Swimming wears, Upholstery and Work wear.
ANTI - BACTERIAL Yarn Products: Bamboo, X-Static, Bamboo Charcoal, Feel Fresh, Seacell Sensitive, Seacell Active and Smart Silver
End Application : Apparel, Bedding, Underwear,T-shirts,Anti-microbial Dress Materials, Home Furnishing, Medical Application. PrOteCtiVe wear.Work wear; VVomen's and Men's Formal wear. Knitwear and Towels.
FLAME RETARDANT Yarn Products: Polyester FR,Viscose FR, Modacrylic, Malamine Fibre, Nra-Aramid. Meta-Aramid & Al FR Solutions.
End Application : Work wea, Special Working Cloches, Baby Garrnen., Decorative Fabrics, Upholstery Fabrics and Curtains.
ZERO TVVIST AND HOLLOW YARNS : Yarn Products: Cotton/PVA, Bamboo/Cotton/PVA and Hollow.
End Application : Towels, Bath Mats and Bath Robes.
MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Yarn Products: Coolmax. Coolplus, and Quick Dry.
End Application : Sportswear; Casual wear, Socks and Bottom Weights.
ANTI - STATIC : Yarn Products: X-Static, Beltron. Bamboo Charcoal and Clacarbo.
End Application : Carpet, Upholstery, Furnishing Fabric, High Altitude Tent Fabric,Work wear for Pain, Electronic, Chemical and Explosive Industries, FR Protective Garmen, Socks and Gloves.
SPECIAL EFFECT AND FANCY YARNS: Yarn Products: Corespun Sewing Thread, Rigid Cone Spun, Flexi Cone Spun, Elastame Core Spun, Slub, Infection Slub, Grindle. Z Over Z Crep, High Twisted, High Bulk, Slub, Injection, Neps, Grindle with OE, Ring Spun & Filament of Special Blends.
End Application : Rigid Core Spun - Canvas,Tent Fabric, Sewing Threads, Flat Kni.. Flexi Core Spun - Flat Knits, Sweaters, Elegant Ladies Tops. Elastane Core Spun - Work wea, Denim, Leisure wear,Wrinkle free Bedsheets, Socks and Gloves Slubs, Injection Slubs, Grindles, High Bulk : Denim,Woven and Kknitted Fashion Garmen., Bed Covers, Furnishing and Upholstery.
BRAND SPECIALTIES: Yarn Products: Beltron, Birla Modal, CoolMax, CoolPlus, Cupro, Corebrid. Dupont Sorona, Excel, GreenPlus, Huvis. FR Polyester, Ingeo(PLA), Lycra, Miyabi, Smartcell Clima, Protex,Tenbro,Tejin Conex,Twaron,Tencel,Trevira CS,Viloft, X-Static, Yantai
Product Information
Count Range Ne 6s to 60s in single & multifold Additional Information
Package Weight As per customers' requirement • Waxed / Unwaxed Yarn. as per customers' requirement
Package Type - In regular- paper cone having conacity 3'30', 4'20', 5'57' • DoubleYarn spliced in TFO
- In soft packages. parallel wound for package dyeing
- In perforated plastic cono/tube for package dyeing
- Packaging — Carton / Pallet